WAKE UP! The world of Tal'Jor is dying and Gaia needs your help.

We believe that we can create great stories and bring them to life, but do so in a mindful way. When you purchase an NFT, Kaidro will pledge a percentage of your purchase to fund environmental foundations.

We want you, the community, to help us select where these resources should go. Participate in our Discord and help us select who and what the Kaidro fund will help in our world. Should it be wild life reserves? Solar battery technology? Deforestation? Help us decide the direction.

Help others WAKE UP and join the new evolution of entertainment that is forming in Web 3! This is a unique time in history where we get to cut out the middle man and go straight to the community to support stories like ours. Unique to web 3, the community will also get to own a piece and become part of the universe.

A beautiful new way to create and support the planet at the same time!