Here in the unknown, the Astral realm manifests itself into consciousness.

The voices call out to you.

“You have endless potential to become whatever you want.”

But to meet this endless potential you must WAKE UP and learn the ways of the Kaidro.

The word stands for Source Bearer — a person who is able to unlock the full potential in themselves from the Source. You have the power to create and the responsibility to heal and help others WAKE UP to their potential by teaching the ways of the Kaidro.

Kaidro is an expansive universe with many stories to be shared across many different mediums. We have been captivated by this world for over ten years, and now we can finally share it with our community.

Launching soon are 10,000 unique mecha, character, and spirit guardian avatars that you can own and use in the upcoming metaverse game, Kaidro: Spectral Operations.

Until then, you can immerse yourself in Kaidro by reading episodes of the ongoing webcomic here. And stay tuned to our updates page as we roll out information on upcoming comics, games, animations and events.

You will also be part of our ongoing effort to help Mother Earth. Members of the community will help decide which environmental foundations will receive part of the proceeds: from wildlife reserves, to solar energy, and other endeavors.

are you ready to WAKE UP?


Kaidro is a universe developed by artists and storytellers Peggy Chung and Robert Simons. Their background is in art and design, they created the company Gadget-Bot Productions for the entertainment industry. They've worked on films such as Alita: Battle Angel, Jurassic World, Transformers, Pacific Rim and Ender's Game. They co-founded Gadget-Bot, a premiere production company that has contributed to games such as the Call of Duty franchise, Apex Legends, Valorant, and PUBG.

The Kaidro team is made of artists, engineers, developers, and all around people that are passionate about telling stories that can carry a powerful message. Together, they have the unique ability to bring story, art and technology into comics, games, NFTs and animation.

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Robert and Peggy


Apex Legends Mobile
Apex Legends
Call of Duty Vanguard
Call of Duty Black Ops 3
Call of Duty Black Ops 4
Call of Duty ColdWar
PUBG New State
Borderlands 2

All of this takes more then just the team on Kaidro but the community as a whole! its time to WAKE UP!


Lets break the molde on how stories are made and shared together, taking the power away from the elite and giving it back to the many. are you ready to WAKE UP ?